“I felt capable to fly.”

It has been said that coaches require special skills when in actual fact; coaches are simply people who have the ability to be a good role model.  Cate is a coach and mentor second to none. Her knowledge, wisdom and supreme listening skills set her apart from so many. For all her eminence and fame Cate is always accessible, encouraging, a wonderful listener and guide. She is practical and empathetic. Dr Cate has a strong sense of self and is willing to give so much herself, her experience and wisdom. Every moment I have shared with Cate in her coaching role I felt capable to fly. Cate has the most amazing sense of humour, down-to-earth, crazy fun and is just a beautiful human being.

Lynette Beames, Mediator & Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

“Cate was the first person to open my eyes to an abusive relationship.”

I first met Cate when she was mediator for parenting and property matters post-separation.  She made an incredibly overwhelming and difficult process bearable and even more impressively, helped retain the balance of power in that session which for several years had been solely held by my ex.  Cate was the first person to open my eyes to the reality that I was in an abusive relationship and that clarity has given me the confidence to seek help and set legal and emotional boundaries that are vital when dealing with a controlling and high conflict co-parent. I wholeheartedly recommend Cate for her unique insight, intelligence, warmth and compassion during the most trying of times in what can be a cold and complex system.

Anonymous for privacy

Over the years I’ve sought many a mentor / coach / guide / answerer-to-my-confusion. I’ve found a few. They’ve given me the answers to the questions I asked – not to the questions I didn’t know I needed answering.  They’ve guided me down the paths that they thought I needed to take – even though I didn’t want to take them.  Some even practiced some woo-woo random ‘healing’ that aligned by chakras, guided my spirits, and performed psychic rituals to kill the demons. Yet still I was lost. Cate has never given me the answers, or insisted a pink stone will guide my path, or even promised me instant solutions.  Because  I don’t want or need these things. In Cate I found a soul who accepts me and my baggage, and in a world of feeling alone and scared, she provides me a safe place to fall.   She doesn’t tell me what to do, how to feel, or how I need to change.  She guides me and encourages me to find my path, with her kind suggestions, wise insights – and her spectacular humour, which is essential to me. She stands still when I flap. She listens when I don’t have words. She stands still when I run. She credits me for my work on this journey. But it is because she has held my hand.  I know I have found a soul in the world who doesn’t judge, criticise, or misunderstand me. And who has ever-so-perfectly lead me toward the path I want to take.  I am now empowered to take on life on my terms, and to extend the insights and grace that she extended me. She has indeed changed my life for the better, and not a pink crystal in sight!  I’m blessed to have found her, and honestly wish her upon anyone needing a bright star in their world.

Amarilla Phosphate, Relationship Specialist & Adolescent Wrangler


“Cate's got your back”

As I cried in court, Cate kept me focused on what did matter, and helped me to come away from the experience seeing, that I had already won before I walked in to the courtroom. Cate is smart, she’s insightful, and she’s got your back where it really matters.

 Dr. Bridget Cullen, Adjunct Lecturer, Griffith University

“She gets it.

There is no single word or phrase to describe Cate’s expertise, commitment and passion for her work and clients. That’s because she is a person of many talents! In short, she gets it. She gets people, she gets the situation, and she gets results. And she’ll do it sensitively, professionally, empathetically and realistically. And you’ll feel like she’s an old friend while your project is completed.

 Lauren Harvey, University of Queensland, Lauren Harvey Audiology


“Cate is a brilliant mentor.”

Cate is a brilliant mentor, leader and coach.  Her down-to-earth approach allows her the ability to see beyond the external and get right to the heart of the matter. She has no time for the BS you see with many online coaches and her experience & commitment to best practices puts her a cut above the rest. Cate balances both heart and the mind and helped me to understand that my quirks were actually my greatest strengths and that I could embrace all of who I am and put it to work to make a difference in the lives of those around me.

Daun Jacobsen, CEO DaunJacobsen.com

“Beautifully Fierce!”

Cate is inspirational. Remarkably brilliant, generous, a passion for the world and society to lift each other up. Among the many things I really appreciate about Cate is that she provides a source of empowerment through encouraging self belief, valuing diversity and honouring the truth. Beautifully fierce.

Sharon Monteith


Loved by Humans Worldwide