Energetic boundary ritual


 People often ask me how I can conduct mediations and not take on the energy of the clients.

I am not going to sugar coat it, going into a room full of conflict can feel pretty scary, particularly if you are not prepared.


As a mediator I have had to create rituals to suit situations but here is a basic energetic ritual I use.



Before I leave, I always sit with a large chunk of obsidian and ask my guides to protect me for the day.  I sit and imagine myself safe and surrounded in white light. I place a bracelet of tiger eye on my wrist along with a mala with tiger iron and onyx.


I bring my attention to my aura. I sense where it is right in that moment and allow myself to sit comfortably with that spacing. Then I make a choice about where I want it to be, so for example, if I have been hanging out at home with my beloved’s I am not going to have an aura that is a foot away from me.  


Once I have established the location, I then make a choice for it to be out about a foot around my entire body in all directions.


Conscious space

When I have established the space of my aura, I place some objects such as my mala beads for a short time, or my singing bowl, or another crystal. It doesn’t actually matter what is placed there it is to conceptualise the space by “seeing” it in real time. I usually put more than one item out so that I can bring my mala beads back into the space. Then I chant holding my beads (108) around the beads Om mani padme hum. This is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist prayer which is hard to translate but essentially it is the embodiment of compassion (although that doesn’t do it justice). I have a very personal story around why I say it, which I will share one day soon.


I used to take one small object with me and place it in the space of the energetic boundary to remind me of the space but I am well versed in this practice.  I also pack a bag full of crystals depending on the situation.


Give this a practice with your family and friends see how it feels to create a space between you. Journal your reactions

and notice how things can change  

Om mani padme hum.