I’m Cate Cole and this is where I dance.


Truth be told, just like you, I am flesh and bone, spirit and song. My earliest and happiest memories is a believing that all that I am is  boundless, flowing and limitless, ever expanding.  And sure, as time wore away some of that enthusiasm, I have taken myself on an adventure of the heart and a fearless exploration of self. 

My path has been real and brutally honest. Glorious and soulful, it has been filled with lots of holding on and deep sadness, but more importantly, an abundant letting in and a lifetime of letting go.
I’ve walked it alone, and in company, but my most precious moments have been knowing my own place of truth from within me and stepping into it.  Fighting, loving, hating, being, hurting, knowing, fearing, seeing, screaming without a voice, learning how to duck, but always, always getting out of my own way to look myself dead in the eye. 

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